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Toyota Central Europe 

Headquartered in Warsaw, Toyota Central Europe sells and distributes Toyota and Lexus models in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. 

About the project 

The TMS application supports new car sales at Toyota and Lexus dealerships. It is an SFA (Sales Force Automation) business system that uses technology to automate the sales process.

The TMS application enables the creation of a complete sales offer for individual customers and fleets, using several advanced features, such as comparison engines, extensive product price lists with promotions, and the ability to select accessories.

We have been developing this product since 2014. Since then, the TMS application has grown with new functionalities and modules. We are constantly improving, developing, and maintaining it. We also offer phone and email support (help desk).

Toyota Central Europe

Client’s needs 

After discussing the client's business needs, we jointly selected the following expectations:

  • providing a comprehensive tool to support new car sales
  • collection data on models, their configurations, packages, photos, equipment, specifications, and prices from various sources
  • enabling attractive presentation and visualization of models
  • generating reports with pre-sales results
  • supporting knowledge and operational data management
  • enabling communication between headquarters and salespeople
Toyota TMS application by Sirocco

Our solution

  • The application consists of multiple microservices; the whole thing is run and scaled in a Kubernetes cluster (on numerous physical servers). The application's file system is also automatically synchronized between servers.
  • Critical elements of business logic are implemented as JS scripts. The iPad app, web interface, and backend run this shared code separately. As a result, there are no differences in logic between platforms and new elements are added in one place.
  • TMS supports automatic data caching (which minimizes database queries and returns data to the customer much faster.
  • All data is accessible via a standardized API with permission support and automatically generated documentation.
  • The release process is transparent to users and fully automated, with history logging, a change log, and the ability to roll back versions.


  • all model data are collected in one place to create a single source of knowledge
  • an easy way to compose and create an offer for the customer, allowing you to customize the minor details in the configuration
  • viewing the selected configuration using a 360-degree view
  • model presentation module with promotional files
  • model and configuration comparison modules to support the purchase decision
  • possibility to generate report data to xlsx and PowerBI files providing easy analysis
  • module for contacting the headquarters to manage requests
  • a module with business information, where the headquarters can send important messages to selected user groups
  • further project development - we are currently expanding the application with new modules for other departments

Solution benefits

  • Data centralization
  • Processes digitization (including the sales process)
  • Paperless solution
  • Further development of the application with additional modules (need from other company departments)

Tech stack 

  • Python 3
  • VueJS
  • Databases


Frontend Developers (iOS and web), Backend Developers, UX Designer, Graphic Designer, DevOps, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Key Account Manager, Quality Assurance.


Sirocco Mobile has been our reliable partner since 2014. Together we have developed a business system that supports the sales of our new cars at Toyota and Lexus dealerships.

We are very pleased with the intuitiveness and functionality of the TMS application, which enables comprehensive sales process management. Sirocco Mobile also provides modules for other departments of our company, which has contributed to the project's further development.

We value Sirocco Mobile's professionalism, state-of-the-art technological knowledge, and vast experience in the automotive industry. We strongly recommend their services as a first-class partner.