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Edu Bears

Edu Bears is a well-established company in the European education market. Edu Bears offers modern educational solutions for English language learning. The company supports language schools in strengthening their language courses for young children. It cooperates with over 350 schools in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain. Edu Bears creates and licenses innovative English language learning methods for children. 

About the project 

Homework Site is an educational platform that supports English language learning among children aged 10-14 using the original Edward's League method. It is an interactive application for mobile devices and desktop computers.

Homework Site is a digitized version of exercises and teaching materials for learning English. Homework assignments in the app have been enhanced with an interactive form: games and quizzes.

Toyota Central Europe

Client’s needs 

To enhance the attractiveness and innovate the author's method of teaching English through a multimedia platform to carry out language exercises and verify students' progress.  

Business Expectations: 

  • Students use the app to complete homework assignments
  • Children also get access to additional teaching materials, such as videos and recordings
  • Students can easily track their progress and percentage of task completion
  • Teachers can check the progress of completed assignments
Toyota TMS application by Sirocco

Our solution

Product Discovery:

  • Recognition of needs workshop
  • Analysis of EduBears portfolio of applications and information systems
  • Building Proto-Personas of the users (students, parents, teachers)
  • Supporting the client in organizing user research with students
  • Analysis of exercises and mini-games with a strong focus on the implementation of methodological objectives
  • Designing the interface taking into account students' needs
  • Architectural analysis, including taking into account the requirements of software availability on multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, web)
  • Development of the product backlog

Product Delivery:

  • Competent and experienced team proactively participating in project development
  • Relying the team's work with the client on the Scrum methodology, which enabled the business value to be delivered in the shortest time possible
  • Establishing open and frequent communication within the team and with the client using modern tools
  • Regular refinements to allow the project requirements to be fine-tuned, taking into account the expectations of the client and end users
  • An open attitude to making changes during the project in response to changing needs and new ideas (taking into account feedback from the client and team members)
  • Ensuring high-quality standards for code, testing, and processes to minimize bugs and technical issues
  • Supporting the client in active feedback gathering from end users to adapt the product to their needs


An innovative IT solution for the education industry that supports a modern approach to teaching English to 10-14-year-olds:  

  • Homework is done by students using a dedicated application
  • The application has game and quiz modules
  • Progress is accessible in the app and the lecturer's panel
  • Extensible solution for further development

Solution benefits

  • Digital learning tool for homework completion
  • Modern educational solution
  • Controlled access to learning materials
  • Paperless solution

Tech stack 

Mobile app and website:

Flutter (Dart), BLoC, DiO, RxDart, AutoRoute, Fastlane


Python3 with Django, PostgreSQL, Rest API, Redis, Nginx


Project Manager, Business Analyst, UX/UI Designer, Scrum Master, Flutter Developers, Backend Developers, Quality Assurance 


I would like to recommend Sirocco with great pleasure. The company created Homework Site app, an excellent solution for our digitized English learning process. I am impressed with how Sirocco skillfully combines technology with education to create an engaging and effective tool.  

One of the most important things I appreciate about Homework Site is the excellent quality of the app. I have not encountered any technical problems or bugs in a full year of using the Homework Site. The application runs smoothly and reliably, which is extremely important for students and teachers who rely on it for their education.

In addition, the cooperation with Sirocco is based on Scrum methodology, which brings many benefits. Regular meetings and sprints allow clients like me to participate in the project development process actively. My suggestions and comments were always welcomed and taken into account. I have had the opportunity to experience many times how Sirocco is open to our needs and how professionally it responds to our suggestions.  

In conclusion, I recommend Sirocco wholeheartedly. Their understanding of students' needs, excellent quality of service, and commitment to the project's development are reasons for me to be delighted with our cooperation. We are working together on a workbook application for the next part of the textbook.

Elżbieta Berka
Deputy CEO & IT Project Manager at Edu Bears