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CashNow is a fast-growing Polish company operating in the fintech and cash handling sectors. The CashNow project is co-financed by the European Union with funds from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program. Customers of the CashNow solution are CIT companies and retail chains.

About the project 

CashNow is a business system with a mobile application and a web component. The system supports the process of handling convoy tasks by comprehensively managing and monitoring the process of preparing and transferring value (primarily cash packages).

CashNow is an application for convoyers and employees of facilities operated by any CIT. A significant advantage of CashNow is that it enables digital proof of identity (authentication). The product is ideal for internal use in retail chains and financial institutions such as banks.

Thanks to the application, both parties can securely authenticate value transfer operations, and information about the completed task is instantly transmitted to the operator and the sorting office. The whole thing is based on a secure server communicating with other CashNow services, generating confirmation documents and reports on completed transactions.

Toyota Central Europe

Client’s needs 

Every cash transaction is a procedure that requires the preparation of paper documentation and a lot of paperwork when handing envelopes/bags of cash to a conveyor.

Since deposit declarations are practically 99% of the time filled out by clients in paper form - in many cases, it is only after it has been transcribed by sorting center employees into electronic systems that the deposit can be counted on to be credited - this generally happens in one business day after the convoy's visit.

Business goals: 

  • Speeding up authorization process and eliminate identification through ID cards and notification in the cash transfer system
  • Eliminate paper documentation from the customer-cashier relationship
  • Speeding up the acquisition of cash deposit declaration information by clients
  • Increase supervision of the cash package
Toyota TMS application by Sirocco

Our solution

Product Discovery:
  • Needs identification workshops
  • Creating proto-personas of solution users
  • Analysis of the business process of cash acceptance/release
  • Design of interactive UX/UI mockups of the customer and escort mobile application
  • Architectural analysis of the solution with a strong focus on security
  • Backlog development for mobile and server applications
Product Delivery:
Client application  
  • Individual account for a facility employee
  • Two-way identity confirmation with a one-time, short-validity code and approval of activities with a PIN code
  • Management of envelopes prepared for discharge, including barcode scanning
  • Initiating task execution and supporting the process of escort authentication
  • Execution of the drop-off and provisioning operation
The convoyer's application  
  • Individual convoyer account
  • Two-way identity confirmation with a one-time, short-validity code and approval of activities with a PIN code
  • Task display to be carried out for the day
  • Execution of the drop-off and provisioning operation
Web component   
  • User management in the system
  • Pairing with CIT systems
  • Monitoring and maintaining the process of real-time tasks
  • Generation of confirmation files, communication of statuses via email
  • Ability to generate reports for completed transactions
  • Execution of carbon footprint reduction directives
  • ESG reporting


  • Elimination of the need for paper records (paperless solution) and authorization using physical documents
  • Elimination of errors, by scanning envelope barcodes
  • Elimination of control activities
  • Real-time transmission of completion status and confirmations
  • Enabling immediate booking

Solution benefits

  • Paperless solution
  • Process digitalization
  • Work-time optimization
  • Promoting ecology (ESG compliance, fit for 55)
  • Real-time management

Tech stack 


Python3 with Django, PostgreSQL, Rest API, Redis, Nginx


Flutter (Dart), BLoC, DiO, RxDart, AutoRoute, fastlane


Frontend developers, Backend developers , Quality assurance, Business Analyst, UX/UI Designer, Project Owner/Project Manager, Scrum Master 


We are pleased to recommend Sirocco as a technology partner that has provided us with a revolutionary solution in the form of a comprehensive business system for CIT. Their software stands out for its exceptional quality and intuitiveness, which CashNow's target users also appreciate.

The Product Discovery workshop was a crucial part of our collaboration, allowing Sirocco to gain an in-depth understanding of our business needs. That insight made the software perfectly matched to our goals.

The results of cooperation with Sirocco are impressive. Thanks to their solutions, CashNow has a chance to be successful in both national and international markets. Their professionalism, quality, and insightful understanding of business needs make them a highly recommended choice.