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Antalis is a member of the Kokusai Pulp & Paper Group, a global leader in the distribution of papers, packaging, and visual communications based in Japan.

In Europe and Latin America, Antalis is the leading B2B distributor of stationery and industrial packaging products and services and the number two distributor of visual media, with global sales of €2.1 billion in 2019.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Antalis operates in 31 countries, serving over 110,000 customers, employing 4,000 people and offering e-commerce solutions. Antalis has 103 distribution centers, using the highest environmental responsibility standards, providing world-class service with more than 11,000 daily deliveries.

About the project 

EasyTruck is a business system with a mobile application and a web component. The system supports the shipment distribution process through comprehensive management and monitoring of the delivery process. 

Toyota Central Europe

Client’s needs 

The client approached us with a need for a dedicated business system to support the shipment distribution process by comprehensively managing and monitoring the delivery process. 

During the business analysis phase, we selected the following needs: 

  • Shipment card fulfillment from the driver's phone
  • Live display of delivery status
  • Logging of problems and immediate ability to respond
  • Supporting the communication process with the customer
  • Real-time reporting and control
  • Paperless solution through data digitization
  • Fraud detection - process monitoring and auditing
Toyota TMS application by Sirocco

Our solution

The business system we created consists of many smaller components, which we can divide into two categories:

  • Mobile application used by drivers to make deliveries, enabling real-time data flow and process monitoring
  • Server services, managing and aggregating shipment data (backend)
  • Web frontend for operators in the logistics center

One of the main challenges was integration with several distributed services, including Transport Management System and services such as CRM, WMS, ERP, etc.

With our solution, in an automatic and real-time manner or minimizing human labor, the order quickly goes through all the successive stages of execution from the dispatcher to the necessary confirmations sent to the customer's account and set aside in the database. 


  • Shipment distribution process automation
  • Data digitization (paperless solution)
  • Working time optimization
  • Cost minimization
  • The system is open for further development and implementation of additional functions
  • Fraud reduction thanks to fraud detection

Solution benefits

  • A stable solution that has been in use for many years
  • Automation and digitalization have had a positive impact on the company's work efficiency and the quality of services provided to its customers
  • Fast initial implementation (short time from project start to MVP version implementation)

Tech stack 

Python, Mysql, Webservice, Nginx, Android.


Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web Developers (backend & frontend), Android Developers, Quality Assurance.


Sirocco Mobile Sp. zoo. has been an IT partner of Antalis Poland Sp. z o.o. since 2014. The company has been providing us with a high-quality custom logistic software solution that supports us in meeting our business goals.

Sirocco Mobile has provided us with software development services at the highest professional level. I have been working directly with their management and IT teams. We have always been satisfied with their ability to execute innovative software solutions that support our daily logistics operations.

The company brought along valuable expertise that involved both backend and frontend technology. It is always crucial that they have helped us go smoothly through integrating newly developed software with a bunch of existing systems using the best agile approach. Working with Sirocco Mobile, we have implemented our new operational standards quickly and with no delay.

Their services are truly reliable and efficient, and we highly recommend them. They have a strong track record of success and are well-regarded in the industry.

Jarosław Faltynowski
MIS Director, Central South and East Europe